An experience built for the new space age

As Virgin Galactic was making its way towards creating news headlines and media buzz, our creative team helped envision, develop and launch a new Virgin Galactic site.

In a unique partnership with Microsoft Edge, we were tasked with creating a news portal destination, but an interactive and educational Virtual Reality experience as well.

The Ask: Web Design +  WebVR Experience
Creative Direction: Mark Beechy
Art Direction: Aaron Kim
Producer: Pep Lupo

Director of Technology: Andy McDonald
Developer: Caliandra Harmon
Developer: Conoir Britain
UX: Greg Ellison

Assistant Producer: Ari Mandell

Release, release, release!

Watch Microsoft Edge’s Web Showcase for the release of the newly redesigned Virgin Galactic website. 

The unsung heroes

We were also tasked to humanize Virgin Galactic, to put a real face to the brand. We were then able to tour the facility grounds and we began capturing the faces and hands of those who piece by piece, hand built the Virgin Galactic ships.

We were also able to meet with the space pilots, engineers, and also the President of Virgin Galactic who had served 3 years as NASA’s launch integration manager.