“Glass Flower”

I used to think that plants were fragile like glass, until I found out you’re not supposed to water them everyday... 3D Program: Blender 2.90.0


Once I had the general shape and feel of my flower pedals, I took to the Sculpting mode to crease and scrape the shapes until they started looking more organic.


I wanted the refractions to have an array of beautiful colors, instead of just assigning a base color to their material. So I spread out a few shapes that would provide the color, and assigned them their own unique color gradients and colors.

Ray Visability

In order to render my animation without seeing my background shapes, while also making sure that their colors were still refracting through my flower, I made sure that the “Camera” checkbox under “Ray Visability” was checked. This allowed me to only render my colorful flower, without any other shapes in the viewport.


Leading up to the moment I proposed to my wonderful significant other, I would often think through everything that we had done in life that lead to us meeting each othger, and ultimately falling in love.

I thought about all the different roads we had taken, thousands of people we’ve met, and the millions we never had the chance to meet.

Having lived on the opposite side of the world for the majority of our lives, we could not have been further apart, yet somehow we met, and we got to know each other over a glass of cold beer.

I wanted to take my thoughts and my gratitude towards my fortune, and turn it into a gentle and romantic story of two small dots in a world of many, finally finding each other.

Where I started

I am admittedly not well-versed in motion graphics, and at the time I began this project, I had even less experience.

The logical decision was to work towards a realistic output, while also pushing myself to learn new and unique tools that would elevate the visuals in an otherwise simplistic execution.

I started with 2 very basic style frames, I knew that I wanted the story to be told through the motion, and not rely on heavy 3D animations due to my inexperience.

From here I took the storyframes into Adobe After Effects and began crafting the story, scene by scene. And as there are no words or voice over describing the story I was trying to tell, I decided to use color as a way to distinguish when the scene was following me (Blue), or whether it was following my significant other (Pink).

For the final scene, I knew that the story would resolve on the two dots meeting in the center, and I had planned to bring the engagement ring into the 3rd dimention, elevating the execution. I had poked around a few different 3D programs and had gottent a basic understanding of how it works, but I decided to stay within Adobe After Effects as I had found a unique way of emulating a 3D environment.

In the end I was super happy with the outcome. I went in with an idea of what I wanted to come out with, and I stuck true to vision, however basic it may be, and visualized a very personal and important moment of my life.

Music borrowed from Ambrose Yu


“Shapes” was the culmination of tools and tricks I had learned in After Effects brought to life.

I have a fundamental appreciation of simplicity and what it takes to tell a compelling story with less rather than more. While I was not working with any particular narative in this animation, I did want to embody each scene with a unique characteristic/mood. 

I did not work against any styleframes, rather just created what came naturally to me.

This was the first motion project that used sound effects, taking the motion and really giving it some gravity.