Building an interactive table experience for Caesars Rewards

Caesars Entertainment was reimagining its transactional-based Caesars Rewards areas, and was looking to create more experiential spaces that would immerse guests in all that it has to offer through innovation and accessible technology.

The Ask: Interactive Table Design +  Table Content Creation
Creative Director: Rick Dias
Art Director: Aaron Kim
Account Director:  Sara Thompson
Producer: Courtnie Catillo
Director of Technology: Daniel Smith
Lead Developer: Scott Landes

Developer: Paul Aldrich
Developer: Cameron Jenson
Director of UX: Lawrence Williford

UX: Sam Cabrera

Early challenges

Caesars Entertainment tasked us to design an interactive experience that talks about the breadth and benefits of the rewards program, that is friendly and accessible to all between the ages of 21-70 years of age.

It was also decided early on that the experience would be built for a large interactive touch table, accomodating as many as 4 guests, and as little as 1 guest. 

Capturing the content

Running ajacent to developement was the creation of content that would ultimately live in the experience. We captured category-specific content, working with some of the worlds top chefs.