Chan Zuckerberg Initiative + Adobe Creative Jam

Adobe hosted their Creative Jam event with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, an organization dedicated to using technology to help solve some of our toughest challenges.

In the spirit of using technology as an aid toward those in need, we were given the unique challenege of creating a minority-centered app that provides a support, access to safety net services and credible news & information about Covid-19.

The Ask: Design/Prototype Challenge only using Adobe XD
Team name: Keep Calm and Jam On

Co-Art Director: Aaron Kim
Co-Art Director: Suparat Kornchamraskul

The Challenge

With the clock ticking, and only a simple styleguide as our visual foundation, we jumped right into the challenge with a few virtual brainstorm sessions. 

We found that using online resources such as Miro helped replicate the tangible feeling of placing Post-It notes on the wall as we did pre-Covid. 

After a few brainstorm sessions and sharing our research findings, we finally started to see the structure that our app would hold.

With only a few hours of sleep, lots of coffee, and minutes to spare before submittions were due, Tana and I submitted our fully connected Adobe XD Prototype, fitted with 56 screens in total.

A Friendly Face

One insight we wanted to address in our app was the mistrust of information that is common amongst minorities. A goal of ours was to build a sense of honesty at the heart of the app, so we introduce “Eve”, the apps helpful assistant.

“Eve” can be found on almost every screen, offering helpful guidance through various stages throughout the app. We found that “Eve” provides clarity through conversation, especially in the hands of someone who might not be as savy in technology as others may be.

Trusted Facts

To make learning more enjoyable and engaging, we created a “Daily Tips” section where guests can find useful information regarding Covid-19 saftey measures paired with bright and descriptive imagery.

We also created a “Myth or Fact” interactive card game where you can test your knowledge about Covid-19 facts (you can play by accessing the prototype!)

Resources at your fingertips

Between live news, online articles, and heresay from your nextdoor neighbor, we were found wanting of a single space for all Covid-related news. 

We geared our information structure towards local communities, knowing each region of the world experiences their own set of challenges.

The results are in!

After making it to the final round, the judges entered their final tally, and our prototype was awarded Third place!

Even though we were awarded third place by the finalist judges, our prototype scored a total of 96/100 points in the general judging round, the highest out of all the prototypes!

Regardless the outcome, we had a blast stretching our legs on this sprint of a project, and highly recommend all creatives to participate in the next Adobe Creative Jam!